Beauty routine – Americans share ways beauty routines improved, changed


Beauty routine – Americans share ways beauty routines improved, changed

In the six years since relocating from Boston to Paris, my beauty regimen has undergone a transformative journey, adapting to the effortlessly chic an

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In the six years since relocating from Boston to Paris, my beauty regimen has undergone a transformative journey, adapting to the effortlessly chic and natural aesthetic of the French capital. Here are nine significant changes I've made to my beauty routine, reflecting the shift from full coverage to minimalist elegance.

  1. Embracing Bare-Faced Beauty

In the lively nightlife of Boston, a full-coverage foundation or BB cream was a common sight. However, Paris presented a different beauty norm. I found myself wearing a tinted serum sparingly, sometimes mixed with moisturizer, as the French women around me confidently embraced their natural beauty. Going bare-faced in Paris became not only acceptable but a celebration of authenticity.

  1. Natural Brows Over Penciled Precision

The defined, penciled eyebrows trend in the US compelled me to fill in my naturally thin, blonde brows. However, in Paris, I adopted a more laid-back approach. A clear brow gel, like the one from Benefit, became my go-to, creating a laminated look that complemented the effortlessly chic French style.

  1. Lipstick Takes a Backseat

Contrary to the bold lip colors often seen in the US, particularly on a night out, Parisian women tend to opt for a more understated lip. I discovered the charm of going bare-lipped or using a nourishing lip oil, steering away from the constant need for lipstick touch-ups.

  1. Subtle Glow Replaces Noticeable Highlighters

In the US, shimmery, noticeable highlighters were a staple for achieving a radiant look. Parisian beauty, however, leans towards subtlety. Shimmery face oils, such as the one from NUXE Paris, or multipurpose balms, offer a more natural and radiant glow, doubling as skincare with added benefits.

  1. Mascara Dominates Eye Makeup

Gone are the days of elaborate eyeshadow looks. In Paris, mascara takes center stage, with many women opting for a minimalist approach by applying it solely to their top lashes. This simplified routine not only speeds up my morning routine but aligns with the prevailing emphasis on effortless elegance.

  1. Prioritizing Skincare Over Makeup

The cultural shift towards bare-faced beauty in Paris has prompted a greater focus on skincare. I've adopted a multistep skincare routine, both in the morning and at night, with an array of products from beloved brands like Typology and La Roche-Posay. This emphasis on skincare has significantly improved my complexion, leaving my skin plumper, more radiant, and brighter.

  1. High-Maintenance Treatments Become Routine

Whether it's a result of my time in France or the natural aging process, I've incorporated more high-maintenance treatments into my beauty routine. From Botox and lip fillers to regular Hydrafacials and eyebrow laminations, the French approach to preventive medicine is discreet, enhancing natural features with minimal interventions.

  1. Farewell to False Lashes

In the US, false lashes were a common accessory for a night out. However, the French preference for natural looks has led me to wear false lashes only occasionally since moving to Paris. The emphasis on embracing one's natural beauty has made false lashes less common in my day-to-day routine.

  1. Embracing Effortless Hair

The time-consuming hair styling rituals I practiced in the US have given way to a more natural and relaxed approach in Paris. Air-drying my hair or creating subtle waves with minimal effort has become the norm. The emphasis is on achieving a messy, yet chic, look that complements the overall minimalist beauty aesthetic.